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Go to System Setup > Licensing to load a new SpamTitan Gateway license or view existing license information.

Loading a License

As part of your SpamTitan Gateway setup, an email containing your license details was sent to the supplied email address. The email is from with the subject line SpamTitan Gateway Trial License.

If your license was not previously loaded as part of a trial setup, go to System Setup > Licensing > Licensing and follow the steps below to load a SpamTitan Gateway license. The license file is a .key file.

  1. Click Choose File.

  2. Locate and select your .key license file and click Open.

  3. Click Load.

Once successfully loaded, details of your license display in System Setup > Licensing > License Information. License usage is based on a five day rolling average of recipients of clean email that passes through SpamTitan Gateway. Under license usage you can view:

  • Max. Daily Usage: this is the maximum number of unique internal email addresses that receive email in any one day.

  • Average Daily Usage: the average number of licenses used over the previous five days.