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On-Premise Orchestrator Installation

.NET Core Hosting Bundle for IIS

Both Orchestrator and Orchestration Manager where developed using .NET Core. This allows both applications to be deployed as ‘Self-Contained’, meaning that they do not have to rely on a specific version of .NET Core run-time in order to work. This is beneficial when updating the applications as it means the infrastructure hosting these Apps does not need to be updated (that is, newer versions of .NET framework do not need to be installed). A minimal version of the run-time is deployed with each application.

In the initial setup, IIS needs the ASP.NET CORE module installed in order to host the two applications.


If the server does not have an internet connection, the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable will need to be installed before the Hosting Bundle can be installed. Go to the Microsoft website small_external_link.png to download the the redistributable.

To install the .NET Core Hosting Bundle, go to the Windows Hosting Bundle Installer small_external_link.png, which automatically begins the download process.

Once the install has completed, either restart the System or execute net stop was /y followed by net start w3svc from a command prompt. Restarting IIS picks up a change to the system PATH made by the installer.

IIS Configuration

Both the Orchestrator and Orchestration Manager require sites configured in IIS, as described in Set Up the Orchestrator Site and Set Up the Orchestration Management Site.

Configuring the Application Pools

Both sites require Application Pools to be created in IIS, as explained in Create Orchestrator Application Pool and Create Orchestration Manager Application Pool.