Generating Reports

Go to Reporting > Reports to generate several on-demand reports. Once a report has been configured and run, it will appear in the Todays Reports tab.

The following filtering options are available when generating an on-demand report:

  • Type: select the report type from the following:

    • Domain Group Summary Report or Domain Summary Report

    • Top Spam Recipient

    • Top Virus Recipients

    • Top Email Recipients (mails)

    • Top Email Recipients (MB)

    • Top Email Senders (mails)

    • Top Email Senders (MB)

    • Domain Summary Report

  • Period: specifies the period for which the report will be generated.

  • From: specifies if the report will show results from 'Local node only' or 'Cluster'.


    As SpamTitan Cloud runs on a cluster of three nodes, it is recommended that you choose ‘Cluster’ here. Otherwise, you may only see 30% of your mail reported.

  • Size: indicates the number of items to include in the report (this option is not relevant for all reports).

To run a report, click the Run button. The following confirmation will appear: