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Prerequisites for Dynamic IP Agent Installation

Below are the prerequisites that must be met or considered before installing WebTitan Dynamic IP Agent. Please read through this information carefully before installation.

  • The Dynamic IP Agent can be installed on a Windows server or PC on your network. However, it should not be installed on the same machine as the WebTitan OTG agent.

  • You must have administrative privileges for the machine on which you are installing WebTitan Dynamic IP Agent.

  • The most recent version of WebTitan Dynamic IP Agent (version 1.3.6) is supported and tested for the following Windows releases:

    Supported Deployments

    Version Tested with Dynamic IP Agent

    Windows Server 2012

    Standard Edition, 6.3.9600

    Windows Server 2016

    Standard Edition, 10.0.14393

    Windows Server 2019

    Standard Edition, 10.0.17763

    Windows Server 2022

    Standard Edition, 10.0.20348

    Windows 10

    Version 20H2 and Version 22H2

    Windows 11

    Version 22H2

  • Not prerequisites, but these two items are important to know for after Dynamic IP Agent is installed:

    1. If this installation is on a laptop, you must restart it to complete the installation.

    2. The machine running the Dynamic IP Agent must have AC power plugged in for the agent to work. By default, the scheduled task does not run on battery power.