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Configure Reactive Training

If you enabled Reactive Training on the Campaign Details page, then you'll set that up next.

  1. Click the section beside Select a Training Topic, which will display a dropdown menu. You can scroll through a list of training topics and select one for your reactive training campaign.

  2. Next, you'll select a training course. The list that displays when you open the dropdown menu beside Select a Training Course will change according to the Training Topic you selected in Step 1.

  3. In the Reactive Training Options section, you can set up additional details for your campaign:

    • Campaign Name: The campaign name that you entered on the Campaign Details page automatically populates this field, and adds Reactive Training to the end; for example, Attempted Gmail Account Log-in_Reactive Training.

    • Generate Certificate: (default = Off) If you want your customers to receive a certificate after they've completed their training, then turn this toggle On.

    • Send Assignment Email: (default = Off) You can send assignment emails to your customers by turning this toggle On.

    • Send Completion Email: (default = Off) If you turn this toggle On, then your customers are notified when they've completed the training.

  4. Select Next Section.