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Selecting your Customer's SSL Certificate

If your customers visit an HTTPS enabled website that is blocked by their policy, their browser will return a certificate error page instead of the WebTitan Cloud block page. This can be confusing for users.

To avoid this, your customers can deploy an SSL Certificate as a trusted root certificate on all browsers using WebTitan Cloud. See the WebTitan Cloud Customer Admin Guide here for more information on how a customer can do this.

Go to Settings > SSL Certificate to select, view, download and edit the certificate that will be available for your customers to download.

  • CA Certificate shows the root CA certificate which is currently in use by the proxy. To choose a different available certificate, select it from the drop down menu and click Save.

  • The Available Certificates table lists all available certificates.

    • Click the view ST-701-view-button.jpg icon in the Options column to view a certificate.

    • Click the download WTC_download_icon.jpg icon in the Options column to download a certificate.

    • Click the ST-701-delete-button.jpg delete icon in the Options column to delete a certificate.

    • Click New to generate a new self-signed certificate.