Scheduling Reports

Go to Reporting > Scheduled Reports to schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports that can be emailed to a specified email address or multiple email addresses.

When scheduling, reports can also optionally be archived which makes them available in Reporting > Archived Reports.

To schedule a report, go to Reporting > Scheduled Reports and click Add.

The Add Report window displays and you can choose the following options:

  • Type: Choose which report to schedule:

    • Domain Group Summary Report or Domain Summary Report      

    • Top Spam Recipient

    • Top Virus Recipients

    • Top Email Recipients (mails)

    • Top Email Recipients (MB)

    • Top Email Senders (mails)

    • Top Email Senders (MB)

    • Domain Summary Report

  • From: schedule a report showing information for the entire cluster or just on individual nodes (that can be specified).

  • Frequency: Choose one of the following:

    • Daily Report: generate a report for the previous day’s activity. 

    • Weekly Report: runs each Monday and produces a report for the previous Monday-Sunday. 

    • Monthly report: runs on the 1st of the month and produces a report for the previous month.

  • Format: Generate a report as a PDF, text file, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or all three.

  • Max. items: maximum number of items to display in the report.

  • Archive: Specifies if the report will also be archived. If selected, the report will appear in Reporting > Archived Reports.

  • Email: the report will be emailed to email address(es) listed here. Separate email addresses with spaces.

  • Subject: the email subject line that will show in the sent report.