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Performance Tuning

The number of SMTP processes determines how many parallel processes can run to process mail. Go to Anti-Spam Engine > Settings > Tuning to specify the number of SMTP processes you want to run (default: 5 / minimum value: 2).

Lowering the value to 2 may be helpful to reduce the RAM requirements of SpamTitan for customers with a small number of users, while increasing the value may help improve throughput performance if you have a large amount of RAM and process a large volume of mail.


Typically, the default setting of 5 processes is suitable for most organizations. However, if you have a large throughput of email it may be necessary to increase this number.


Each process consumes a significant amount of memory, so memory size can determine how many processes you run.

If you increase the SMTP process: number too much and the appliance starts swapping, or the load regularly goes beyond 3, decrease the number.

Going beyond 10 usually brings no additional improvement in overall system throughput and only wastes memory.