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Quarantine Overview

Go to Quarantine > Manage Quarantine to view, filter and manage all emails for all recipients that are in quarantine.

Use the Search Filters and Display Settings to manage the quarantine list:


When evaluating email for spam, SpamTitan applies hundreds of rules to arrive at an overall spam score for each email. By default, the spam score is set at 5.

Email that scores above the specified spam score is considered spam and is quarantined by default. Email that scores below the spam score is considered legitimate and forwarded to the recipient.

To change the spam score setting on a per-domain or per-user basis, or to change to default action for email that scores above the specified spam scores, go to Anti-Spam Engine > Domain Policies or User Policies.


Quarantine reports are not enabled by default. Click here for instructions to enable quarantine reports so users receive them.