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WebTitan OTG 1 for Windows Guide

Welcome to the WebTitan OTG 1 for Windows Guide. OTG stands for 'on the go' and is a roaming client for Windows and Mac users to filter content on devices being used outside of your network. OTG is an endpoint client that allows off-network roaming by users while continuing to apply their WebTitan Cloud policy.


WebTitan OTG 1 for Windows is compatible with WebTitan Cloud 4.05 and later. However, if you are using WebTitan Cloud 4.16 or later, you can opt to use WebTitan OTG 2 for Windows. See WebTitan OTG 2 for Windows Guide.

Once installed by the administrator on a laptop, OTG 1 manages the user’s network DNS settings and sends the user’s current IP address to WebTitan Cloud. When the user goes to a new location e.g. a coffee shop, OTG 1 updates WebTitan Cloud with the new IP so that content filtering continues.

This guide describes a command-line installation which is the quickest way to install OTG 1 for Windows, as it automatically creates a Roaming location in WebTitan Cloud as part of the install.

  • Each installation of OTG 1 corresponds to a Roaming Location in Settings > Locations > Roaming.

  • Each installation creates a user in the Users tab based on the Windows username on the machine it is installed on, e.g. user@USER-PC.

Therefore, if you successfully install OTG 1 on thirty laptops, thirty roaming locations and thirty users will be added to your WebTitan Cloud.