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ArcTitan User Types

There are five types of users in ArcTitan. Four user types are created locally - Administrator, Privileged, Privileged & Delete, and Basic. There is also a Data Guardian user type that must be specified before the other user types can be added.

User Type



An administrator configures and manages an ArcTitan system.


An administrator can not search or view email data.

Only administrators can reset passwords and access the Forgotten your Password? facility.

There is a single default Administrator which is used to set up the initial ArcTitan system. It is recommended that additional administrator accounts are added, e.g. one for each member of IT staff who administer ArcTitan. The Data Guardian transcripts will indicate which user had logged in.


A privileged user has search access to all email in your ArcTitan system. Any searches made by privileged users raise an audit transcript that is sent to the data guardian(s).

The following restrictions can be applied to a privileged user account:

  • Limit searchable domains: you can restrict access to emails from a specific domain or domains.

  • Exclude specific email addresses: you can specify particular email addresses you want to prevent being included in search results for a privileged user.

  • Other auditors: you can specify additional email address(es) that receive summary search transcripts from a privileged user.

  • You can specify that authorization for searches is required from another privileged user or data guardian.

Privileged & Delete

Privileged & Delete users are privileged users who also have permission to delete emails. A different user must perform the initial search, which the Privileged & Delete user can then authorize.

In all other respects, this account type is the same as a standard Privilege account.


A basic user has standard search access to one or more email addresses specified for their account. A basic user is not normally audited, so the data guardian does not receive a search transcript for them.

Data Guardian

A Data Guardian is an email address to which transcripts of administrator access and privileged user searches are sent. At least one data guardian must be added to the system before you can add any local user accounts. In general, the data guardian is specified as part of your ArcTitan account setup by TitanHQ or service provider.

A data guardian account can not be associated with the same email address as a privileged & delete user account.