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Synchronizing a Primary and Secondary DNS Proxy

Once DNS Proxy is installed and configured on-premise and also deployed and configured in Azure, follow the steps below to synchronize them both.

  1. Log into the primary DNS Proxy, which is usually your on-premise DNS Proxy.

  2. Go to Configuration > Synchronization and ensure the DNS Proxy Instance Type is set to Primary.

  3. Log into the secondary DNS Proxy, which is usually your Azure based DNS Proxy.

  4. Go to Configuration > Synchronization and select Set Secondary.

  5. Select Yes in the Warning pop-up window to set instance as Secondary.

  6. On the secondary note, take note of the Client ID and copy the Client Secret:

  7. On the primary node, go to Configuration > Synchronization and select Add... below the List of DNS Proxy instances synchronized: table.

  8. The Add DNS Proxy Instance window displays. Enter the IP of the secondary DNS Proxy and the Client ID and Client Secret noted in Step 6 and select Save.

  9. Go to the Active Directory tab and under the Active Directory Servers table, select the Azure AD checkbox and select Import Users.


    This may take several minutes depending on the size of the import.

  10. Once a message indicating that users have been imported successfully appears, under the Synchronization Status table, select Sync Users.

  11. Go to the Synchronization tab, and select Push to push the imported users and groups to the secondary DNS proxy.