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Identifying Users and Groups in WebTitan

WebTitan can assign policies to a user, or groups of users, by integrating with your active directory. Active directory integration also allows for more detailed reporting in WebTitan. WebTitan supports both Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) and our solution can also be configured to work in a hybrid environment using both.

  • Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft’s on-premises solution for managing network access.

  • Azure is Microsoft’s SaaS product for building and managing Microsoft solutions in the cloud. Azure Active Directory (AAD) is a cloud version of AD used to authenticate logins for cloud applications and allows for single-sign-on access to other commonly used SaaS apps.

  • DNS Proxy is a stripped-down hypervisor that facilitate the importing of users and groups and reports on their activity. To see who is logged into the machines on your active directory network, DNS Proxy employs either WADA or an Azure AD Enterprise App.

  • WebTitan Active Directory Agent (WADA) is a lightweight agent responsible for discovering who is logged into what machines on your active directory network using Kerberos authentication events.

  • A Domain Controller (DC) is a server that runs the AD service and manages the security and authentication of users, computers, and other resources within a Windows domain. It is a crucial component of the Active Directory infrastructure and provides centralized control and management of the domain.

Find your configuration and the matching solution in the table below.



Fully on-premise Active Directory (AD)

WebTitan integrates with Active Directory (AD) using both DNS Proxy and WebTitan Active Directory Agent (WADA) installed on your network.


See DNS Proxy & WADA Install and Setup Guide

Fully cloud based Azure Active Directory (AAD)

In a fully cloud-based AAD environment, DNS Proxy (version 2.06+) is deployed to Azure. Then after configuration in Azure and DNS Proxy, it talks directly to WebTitan.


Hybrid configuration Active Directory (AD) on premise and cloud-based Azure Active Directory (AAD)

With a hybrid configuration, you need to deploy WADA and DNS Proxy in your on-premise network and also DNS Proxy deployed in Azure. Both DNS Proxies are then configured to synchronize with each other and talk to WebTitan.