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Gather configuration settings from Azure

Four pieces of information are required when configuring DNS Proxy to synchronize with Azure AD: Azure Tenant ID, Azure Client ID, Azure Client Secret and Azure Subscription ID.

There are several paths to gather each piece of information. The steps below show one possible method.

Gather your Azure Subscription ID
  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Azure portal at

  2. Enter subscriptions in search and select subscriptions-icon.jpg Subscriptions to open the Subscription page.

  3. Select the subscription to which you deployed DNS Proxy and that Subscription page opens.

  4. Copy and note the Subscription ID. This is the Azure Subscription ID.


Gather your Azure Tenant ID, Azure Client ID and Azure Client Secret
  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Azure portal at

  2. Enter active directory in search and select azure-active-directory-icon.jpg Azure Active Directory to open the Azure Active Directory page.

  3. From the side bar menu, select app-registrations-icon.jpgApp registrations.

  4. From the list of app registrations, select the DNS Proxy app registration and the app registration page opens.


    This is the app registration created following these steps. If you named your app registration something other than DNS Proxy, select that app registration from the list.

  5. From the app registration page:

    • Copy and note the Application (client) ID. This is the Azure Client ID.

    • Copy and note the Directory (tenant) ID. This is the Azure Tenant ID.

  6. From the side bar menu on the app registration page, select subscriptions-icon.jpgCertificates & secrets.

  7. From the Certificates & secrets page, select create-icon.jpgNew client secret and the Add a client secret panel displays.

    • In the Description field, enter a name for the client secret.

    • From the Expiry menu, select the duration for which this client secret will remain valid.


      Ensure to record the expiration date. You will need to renew the key before that date to avoid a service interruption.

  8. Select Add.

  9. From the Certificates & secrets page, copy and note the Value. This is the Azure Client Secret.


    Client secret values only be viewed immediately after creation. Be sure to save the secret before leaving the page.