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Configure an On-Premise DNS Proxy to synch with an Azure Based DNS Proxy

WebTitan supports both Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) and our solution can also be configured to work in a hybrid environment using both. In a hybrid configuration, DNS Proxy is installed on premise and is also deployed in Azure. Both DNS Proxies are synchronized to talk to each other.

Follow the steps below to configure and synchronize an on-premise DNS Proxy with a DNS Proxy deployed in Azure. For the purposes of the steps below, the primary DNS Proxy is on-premise and the secondary DNS Proxy is in Azure. However, these can be reversed.

  1. Configure the on-premise DNS Proxy (primary):


    Steps 1a and 1b are usually completed as part of DNS Proxy installation.

  2. Configure the DNS Proxy deployed in Azure (secondary):


    Steps 2a and 2b are usually completed as part of DNS Proxy deployment.

  3. Synchronize both DNS Proxies (primary and secondary).