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WebTitan Azure Integration


These instructions include information about tools that are not owned or managed by TitanHQ and are only intended as a guideline to help you. As such, the information may be subject to change without us knowing.

If you notice anything out of place, please email and let us know.

WebTitan can be synchronized with Azure Active Directory (AAD) allowing DNS traffic to be identified and policies applied using your AAD users and groups. This is done by:

  1. Deploying DNS Proxy to your Azure Portal.

  2. Configuring DNS Proxy for your particular active directory scenario:

    • Fully cloud based Azure Active Directory (AAD)

      In a fully cloud-based AAD environment, DNS Proxy (version 2.06+) is deployed to Azure. After configuration in both Azure and DNS Proxy, it synchronizes directly with WebTitan.

    • Hybrid configuration Active Directory (AD) on premise and cloud-based Azure Active Directory (AAD)

      With a hybrid configuration, you need to deploy WADA and DNS Proxy in your on-premise network and also deploy DNS Proxy in Azure. Both DNS Proxies are then configured to synchronize with each other and also synchronize with WebTitan.

This guide describes how to deploy DNS Proxy to Azure and how to configure for both a fully cloud scenarios and a hybrid scenario.