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ArcTitan Setup with Office 365

A Customer Admin using Office 365 can follow the steps below to set up their ArcTitan archive. If the setup is successful, both your SSO and journaling rule are automatically set up as part of this process.


Before you begin, make sure that you have:

  • Office 365 account with admin level access

  • ArcTitan username and password

  • Email sent by your TitanHQ account manager to begin setup

  1. In the email you received from your account manager, select the link to open the Login window. Enter your ArcTitan username and password and select Login.


    At this point in the setup process, you must enter your ArcTitan credentials. You will enter your Office 365 credentials in Step 4.

  2. Review the details in the next window to ensure that everything is correct. These are the details for the system you are about to set up, so please contact your account manager if you notice an error.

    • Prepared for: Your company's name

    • Name: Your name

    • Email Address: Your email address

    • Mail System: Your email system

    • Active Email Users: Number of active email users

    1. If you have previous emails to import, select Yes, I have previous data to import.

    2. Select Confirm when you are satisfied that the information is correct.

  3. Assuming you have the required Office 365 and ArcTitan admin access, select both checkboxes and then select Start Archive Setup. If you're unsure about these two required privileges, contact your account manager who will assist you.

  4. Enter your Office 365 email address and password and select Login.


    Your archive will now be set up.

  5. Next, if your archive has been successfully completed, a list of the completed actions is displayed, meaning that you now have a fully working archive for your company and new emails are being archived.


    However, if one or more items fail to complete, you'll be notified of this. Take a screenshot of the window and send it to your account manager, who will assist you.


    Note that both your SSO and Journaling Rule are automatically set up at this point, so you do not need to do this again later.

    Select Continue to My Archive.

  6. If you selected Yes, I have previous data to import in Step 2, the Mailreader window displays. Mailreader downloads all previous emails from the email accounts on your system. You can search for and select the mailboxes you want to be imported.

    When you have chosen the mailboxes you want to include, select Start Mailreader.

  7. Now you can add more Data Guardians and select Privileged Users for your system. Select Setup Users > Start.

  8. When your account was set up, a Data Guardian was added which was specified to your account manager. Now you can select additional Data Guardians for your archive. Use the search functionality if you have a large user base.

    When you have selected your Data Guardians, select Confirm Data Guardians.

  9. Next, select your Privileged Users for the archive, and when finished, select Confirm Privileged Users.

  10. When you have finished setting up your Data Guardians and Privileged Users, select Finish & Login.


    You will be directed to the login screen for your new archive.