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Prerequisites for OTG 2 for Chromebooks Installation

Below are the prerequisites that must be met or considered before installing WebTitan OTG 2 for Chromebooks. Please read through this information carefully before installation.


  • You need a Google Workspace account with administrative access.

  • The most recent version of WebTitan OTG for Chromebook is supported and tested as follows:

    Supported Chromebooks

    Latest Version

    OTG 2 Chromebook Supported Models

    Version (Official Build) (64 bit)

  • Any Chromebook(s) you are deploying to must be:

  • If it does not already exist, create the Organizational Unit (OU), or units, that WebTitan OTG 2 for Chromebooks is being deployed to in Google Workspace. For more information on how the organizational structure work in Google Workspace see external_link.png

  • Download the WebTitan Cloud .pem TLS root certificate. See Importing a WebTitan TLS Root Certificate in Google Workspace.

  • You must be using WebTitan Cloud 4.16 or later to use WebTitan OTG 2 for Chromebooks.

  • You need to know the URL of your WebTitan Cloud, e.g.

  • You need your OTG install key during installation. You can get this in your WebTitan Cloud from Settings > Account > OTG Install Key.

  • WebTitan OTG 2 uses TCP port 8443. Please ensure this port is not blocked.