Adding, Deleting & Importing to Blacklists

Go to Filter Rules > Domain (Group) Blacklist to blacklist specific email addresses or domain names. If you blacklist an email address or domain, then mail from that address or domain to any domain in your domain group will be blocked before it reaches its recipient. 


The Domain Group Administrator will see a Domain Group Blacklist tab and a Domain Administrator will see Domain Blacklist tab.

Adding a Blacklist Entry

  1. Click Add….

  2. Enter the Sender Email: in the form of or Sender Domain: in the form of

  3. Enter Comments: as necessary.

  4. Click Save.

Deleting a Blacklist Entry

  1. Check the box to the left of the email address or domain name you want to delete. Check multiple boxes to delete several entries at once.

  2. Click Delete… under Blacklisted Email Addresses or Blacklisted Domains.

Importing Blacklist Entries

  1. Create a single text file with all the entries to import (both email addresses and domains can be imported together from the same text file). The file must have one email address or domain (preceded by the '@' sign) per line. For example:



  2. Click Import…, select the text file and click Open.

  3. Email addresses will be listed in Blacklisted Email Addresses and domains will be listed in Blacklisted Domains.